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5 Favorite Sex Positions from Sex Educators

Do women who teach about sex have access to some sort of Secret Wisdom on the best, more glorious positions? Maybe?? Let's ask 'em some nosy questions and find out!

“The Sideways Ohm is my favorite for the range of vaginal or anal sensations it provides, plus unlimited clit access," says Elle Chase, ACS, a certified sex educator. "This position can also be readjusted according to one’s liking to arrive at many different permutations. The giver can hold onto the hip to assist with balance or for better leverage when thrusting. The receiver can lift their outer leg up to try a different angle. And if you’re a fan of deeper penetration, have the giver spread their butt cheeks or place a pillow under their hip.”

“I love [doggy] with a full-length mirror in front of us. This allows us to oscillate back and forth from carnal energy–sometimes with eyes closed, enjoying the intensity of speed this position allows, [or] intimate energy, with slower thrusting and eye contact in the mirror,” says Dr. Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., a sex therapist, sexologist and licensed marriage. She also recommends adding a toy such a Magic Massager.

“It's not spooning exactly, but where the woman is lying on her side and the man is behind her,” says Kendra Holliday, a sex positive activist and “passion midwife.” “I like it because it's comfortable, easily offers more or less body contact depending on the angles, good penetration and the woman has easy access to clit stimulation with her hand or vibe. Plus, it's kind of sexy and kinky. Just looking at that position turns me on–I think because the woman is showcased, and the man is more like a prop.”

“Have one partner sit in a chair or on a couch and place a small vibrator on top of their pelvic bone, while the other straddles on top, grinding down so you both get the sensation of vibration as your bodies rock against one another,” says Lisa Finn, a sex educator at Babeland. “Bonus: you can do this facing each other for a hot makeout sesh, or face the same direction for a seated take on the reverse cowgirl.”

“This one is great if the man is noticeably larger than the woman," says Kendra Holliday, a sex positive activist and “passion midwife.”Lie back like missionary's about to happen, but your partner kneels instead of lying on top of you. It’s a great angle for internal stimulation, and you can also switch it up by lying on your side in the fetal position.

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